How did the Rotary Club of Wawa Begin?

How did Wawa’s Club begin?

Late in 1960, Past District Governor Fred Wilson of Sault Ste. Marie and a couple of fellow Rotarians began talking to people about forming a club in Wawa.

The original contact was made with Dr. John Rose, a local physician and Frank Hoyle, manager of the Royal Bank in Wawa.
The group then began to make contact with various local business people and eventually came up with a list of 28 interested parties. From this list, they received positive responses from 24, and plans got underway to form the new Club.

After several organization meetings with prospective members, details started to fall into place, and a date was set for the “Charter Night”. The big event was scheduled for Friday, June 23rd, 1961. About two weeks before, a slate of officers was selected as follows:

  • Frank Hoyle – President,
  • David C. Jones – Vice-President,
  • Earl R. Boon – Secretary-Treasurer,
  • Vincent Hill – Sergeant-at-Arms.


  • Harold F. Dand,
  • J.A. (Don) North,
  • Lawrence Robertson,
  • John W. Rose, and
  • Eric W. Munro.

On Friday, June 23rd, 1961 at 6:00 p.m. in the United Steelworkers Hall, this group of 24 Charter Members and their wives met with representatives of our sponsoring club from Sault Ste. Marie, several Michigan clubs and various other dignitaries including District Governors, Past District Governors, members of town council, representatives from the Lions Club and a Director of Rotary International.


Cocktail hour was followed by a dinner and the formal party of the evening with Dr. Ken Miller, President of the Sault Club presiding. The program included a general welcome, songs, introductions of guests and various speakers. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Charter to President Frank Hoyle.

This presentation officially chartered the Rotary Club of Wawa and admitted it to membership in Rotary International as of May 1st, 1961.

Charter Members on May 1st, 1961

Ron Bowers Dave C. Jones Lawrence Robertson
Earl R. Boon Frank King Wes Smith
Walter Cybulski Joe Perkovich Ken S. Thompson
Harold F. Dand Vince Hill Victor White
Frank Hoyle Bill Lamon, Sr. Ross Whitley
Frank Haman Eric W. Munroe Ken E. Thompson
Louis Berger J.A. (Don) North Jim Ward
Lyman Buck John W. Rose Arnold Westlaken